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Hi!  My name is Mechelle Olson & I have been teaching at PGS for 12 years.  I teach 6th grade Social Studies.  Please don't be afraid to navigate through this site. I will try to make it as painless as can be......just like you're told in 
The Hitchhiker's to the Galaxy 
It is simple and easy to use.  If I can write it up- you can use it.
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A little bit about the pages of the website.

is just what it is says, a welcome to you and your child to my classroom.  

The page titled Mechelle Olson gives a few websites that is used within my class on projects and during computer time. There are other websites in which the students are told about that may not be on the page.
6th grade Expectations and Assignments is the syllabus for the class.

Homework is just about homework assigned to my Social Studies Class.

Parents, Teachers, and Tutorsgive some insight in which to help you help your child with whatever weakness they may have. The main place help should come will be your child's teacher, but this is a little guidance along the way.
Supplies is exactly as it implies.  This is the list of supplies your child needs in order to be prepared for class this school year.  

The Calendar is just a calendar of events that will happen or is planned on at school. If I miss an event, it may have been unintentional or it doesn't relate to this grade level. 

Projects is about the projects that are assigned for my class.  However, the projects will not be posted until 3-4 weeks before they are due.   This will be a description of the requirements and along with a copy of the rubric that will be used for grading.

Thank you for your support,
Mechelle Olson

Vision Statement:  To educate all students by building a foundation for life long learning

Mission Statement:  Working Together, Learning Together, Growing Together 
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