Public Schools of Robeson County

Tuesday, May 30, 2017  3:19:11 AM
Public Schools of Robeson County
Transportation Department
Hours of Operation
Monday-Friday: 6:00 am - 5:00 pm
Dr. Thomas Benson, III, Assistant Superintendent
Raymond Cummings, Director of Transportation
(910) 739-4743
William Blanks, Assistant Director of Transportation
(910) 671-2814
Alex Leggett, Shop Foreman
(910) 737-5271
Ricky Floyd, Safety Supervisor
(910) 737-5267
 Dennis Scholl, Parts Clerk
(910) 737-5265
Elaine Carter, Cost Clerk
(910) 737-5266
Donna Cummings, Cost Clerk
(910) 737-5269
TIMS Department
(910) 737-5255
Chris Jones, TIMS Coordinator
Renet McQueen, TIMS/Contract Transportation

Dwayne Black, TIMS Data Manager
psrc buses
The safe and efficient transportation of our children is our top priority. Student passengers are expected to conduct themselves according to bus discipline policies in order to maintain their riding privileges.   We currently employ 268 bus drivers and 15 bus driver attendants to ensure the safety of all students.
General Statistics
•2.8 million miles traveled annually
•16,000 students transported daily
•269 buses traveling daily
•11 buses equipped for students with special needs
For More Information
Contact the Transportation Department
910-671-6009 Fax
(Routing - Mapping - School Boundary Info)
910-737-5255 - TIMS
910-618-5628 TIMS Fax
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