Piney Grove Elementary School

howdy pardner
Piney Grove School has changed from Accelerated Reader to Renaissance Place.  This online program provides a number of benefits over the traditional desktop version, Accelerated Reader. Instead of installing software on a server at our school, students, teachers, and administrators can access all of the purchased software in one place. If a book has a quiz, a student can take a test on that book.  Also, parents can access their children progress within their homes.  Instead of parents asking teachers for a printout of their children AR record, they can now talk with their children about any quizz taken at school.  Parents only need to ask their childrens' teachers for their password and login.
read1The purpose of Renaissance Place is to motivate students to read. The program offers many proven benefits to students. It improves reading scores and provides for authentic assessment and builds higher order thinking skills. It fosters a lifelong love of reading. Finally, the program assesses and recognizes student achievement.
read2At Piney Grove Elementary, students can attend a monthly reading social. They are required to read a number of books each month, take a comprehension test on the computer with 80% or higer passing, and must move to a higher reading level. If the student reads the required number of books, moves to another (higher) reading level, with 80% passing monthly, they will attend the reading social.     
Accelerated Reader, now Renaissance Place, has been very successful and we hope that the reading scores will increase due to this schoolwide reading program. We are very proud of the progress that our students are making!
Keep it up Piney Grove Pioneers!  



Last Modified on October 31, 2013