"A Close Reading of the Common Core Writing Standards"
This presentation was conducted on June 12, 2013 to provide school trainers with a better understanding of the Common Core Writing Standards# These resources should be used to provide ALL teachers with knowledge and tools to implement writing into EVERY classroom#
Complete list of grade level standards that show vertical progression.
These are research projects that were compiled by teachers who attended the training# The projects cover all disciplines and grades, providing non-ELA teachers with ideas as to how they can provide research opportunities in their classroom that include writing#
Created and compiled by NCDPI, the content found under the Writing Tab provides instructional resources for teachers to use in implementing CCS Writing Standards# These resources can also be used for teacher trainings#
All PSRC students in grades 4-12 have access to this online tool. Students should receive login information from their school's WTL contact person.
WriteToLearn helps improve student reading and writing skills while saving teachers time. WriteToLearn is a flexible online tool that includes summary writing and essay writing activities. The frequent, consistent practice and research-based system helps build both reading and writing skills. Through regular use of WriteToLearn, students of all proficiency levels build confidence and improve scores.