• Math 2 Syllabus

    by andrew.green
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  • Probability 1 - full solutions.


    A full set of solutions - and the marks for each part of the questions.

    If you are coming to Learning Center to prepare to re-take this test then you must have looked through the solutions - closely - and have questions/problems based on that work.
    If you want to try out a different question - change the numbers of each color in a question.
    If it's a question with percentages - change the percentages and re-work it.
    That will show me you have actually tried to address the questions you got wrong.

    You have to write out what you are looking for and the different ways events can happen - as I have in the Solutions.

    There WILL NOT be any extended questions on the re-test.
    You stand or fall by the score on the main questions.
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