Red Springs Middle School

Minute Math
Home Work by Mr. Reed
These short assignments are to provide excursions into the world of math which we encounter in everyday life and support some concept we are studying in class. While I refer to them as Minute Math Lessons the may take a little longer than a minute. I appreciate your work on these activities and the help you get from home.
Estimate the length and width of your room. Calculate the your room's area. Now assume the area under your bed is a shaded region. Which it is. How many square feet of floring would you need to cover the non-shaded region. If it cost 1.89 per square foot how much will you spend? Include 7% sales tax. in your total.

  #1 Make a list of 10 close family members or close friens outside of school and include their ages which will be your sample. Calculate the measures of center for your sample as well as the range and the mean absolute deviation. What is the difference between your age and the measures of center and what does this suggest about the ages of those you are close to? Also what does the range and the M.A.D. suggest about the variety in the ages of those in your sample?
 #2 What is the win/loss ratio and percentage of wins for your favorite sports team?
Last Modified on February 4, 2013