Cosmos is here! Sunday at 9 pm, Fox TV
Narrated by Neil DeGrasse Tyson, it is the science story of the cosmos, and us.
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You don't need cable to see it, either! Episodes stream on Fox's web page: , and on Hulu:
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Robeson Planetarium and Science Center presents Bad Astronomy
Note: this program is suitable for those 8+ years old.  
Our next Saturday evening program:  Saturday, May 10th, at 8 pm The topic: Bad Astronomy-a funny take on the things we think we know about space and our place in it!
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The hills of Mars: Sharpe Mtn. in Gale crater  Mount Sharpe, on Marsnc geological map


Ken Brandt's podcast for the International Year of Astronomy: How to find the directions using the Sun and shadows, can be heard here: Ken's pod cast .  Listen to today's podcast Here.

One of the teacher activities linked is Ken's simple way to demonstrate the Phases of Venus, which Galileo saw 400 years ago. The activity can be found here: Galileo Was Right!

Skynet University, as done by UNC and the JPL/NASA Night Sky Network:

Weather: here is a link for our own clear sky clock. See whether it'll be clear or cloudy here in SE NC.

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