Lumberton Jr. High School

Lumberton Junior High    Course:   GENERAL MUSIC (7th & 8th Graders)

        SYLLABUS              Teacher:   Mr. Harold D. Jacobs  

                                    Time Frame:   First and Second Semesters,






A.  Teacher Contact and Communications

Office location:    Lumberton Junior High School

                                82 Marion Road, Lumberton, NC 28358

Office Hours:    Planning Period by appointment – 12:25 pm – 01:25 pm

Phone:    (910) 735-2108

Fax:    (910) 617-4150

E-mail address:    Harold.Jacobs@robeson.k12.nc.us

Web site address:     www.robeson.k12.nc.us 
                           Lumberton Junior High
                                  Mr. Harold D. Jacobs
B.  General Course Information
          Credit hours:     1 semester

          Course description:     General Music (grades 7 or 8)

          Course purpose:     To explore the world of Music

          Textbooks:     Spotlight On Music, The Music Connection

                (To Be Used in the classroom only, unless otherwise instructed)                     
          Supplies:  One composition notebook to be called your Music Notebook, and a Pencil for each classroom experience.

C.   Course Content and Outcomes

Course content:     Music

Learning outcomes:     Appreciation of all Music and to be able to perform music either vocally or instrumentally.
Assessments:     Class attendance, Class Participation, tests, quizzes
             Grading (credit) criteria:  
Tests                                                       25%  
Notebook                                            35%
Quizzes                                                   10%
Class work/Participation                     30%



D.            General Statements

The teacher will adhere to the both the Lumberton Junior High School and Public Schools of Robeson County policies.  The students are expected to be familiar with and adhere to these policies as well. 

Each student should possess a copy of the Lumberton Junior High School Student/parent Handbook, 2014-2015

The teacher has the right to modify the syllabus during the course of the term.  Unnecessary talking, chewing gum, and leaving the classroom without permission will not be tolerated.   Please see the handbook in this regard.




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