• 2019-2020 Welcome Parents and Students
    photo of Carol Hunt-Cummings
    I have uploaded information on google classroom for all my students.  Students that were at school on Friday, March 13th were able to log in.  If your child was absent I am adding the google classroom codes below.  I have also added everfi.com assignments.  Everfi.com is virtual courses on life skills topics such as financial capabilities, diversity and inclusion, career leadership and success, STEM and health and wellness. 
    2ND BLOCK 7nKnomi
    3RD BLOCK naxo4jp
    4TH BLOCK jzw7wj6
    5TH BLOCK ij7dkyz  
    Subject AreaExploring Business, Marketing and Entrepreneurship, Keyboarding and Computer Applications
    E-mail address:carol.hunt-cummings@robeson.k12.nc.us
    I am excited about all the wonderful new knowledge we are going to learn /share and relate this year.  This year I will be working with grades 7th and 8th .  We will be focusing on keyboarding, Microsoft Office, Exploring Business, Marketing and Entrepreneurship.
    Students can log into several websites which allows each student to work independently and freely to improve and strengthen their computer knowledge and keyboarding skills  Each student  has been assigned a username and password.  
    Thank you and I look forward to a wonderful school year.