• Welcome!


    Learning from this day forward will be online due to the unforeseen pandemic of the Coronavirus. It is my hope and prayer that each of my students and their families are safe during this time. Learning is essential and we as a school will continue to deliver instruction to the best of our abilities.  I have set up a remind for my students. I sent invitations to each parent to accept and join. Please do so, as this will be one form of communication for my class. I have also created a google classroom and sent  invitations to students email to join. I will send a message via remind with students information for their email. Below is an example of student emails.

    ex:   bobbiem2345@robeson.k12.nc.us

    Email is students first name,  first initial of their last name and then last four digits of their student ID number. Student ID number is their I-Ready number. Students should already know this number. This number was attached to a sheet of paper in their instructional packet, that was picked up from school. As soon as possible, please try logging into google classroom. 


    Directions for  Google Classroom:  

    1. Go to google and login using student email. Student  password is P$rc 2 digit birth month and 2 digit birth day.

    Ex.  username: bobbiem2345@robeson.k12.nc.us

           Password: P$rc0611

    We are projected to go online by March 23rd.  Below you will find my schedule. At these times, I will be available for questions online.


    Monday:   9am-2pm


    Tuesday: 3pm.-7pm


    Thursday: 9am-2pm 


    My email is bobbiejo.mclean@robeson.k12.nc.us. You can email me or use the remind app to send a personal message. I will reply back in a timely manner.


    And this too shall pass! Please let my students know that I love them and school is still in;)