• Homework Assignments




     Write your name 5 times each (First, Middle, and Last) 
     Write your numbers 0-25,  0-50, 0-100, and count to 100 daily.
    Review all your sight words each night.  
     Read to your child each night.   
     Listen to your child read their level book each night and sign their log sheet.
     Do a Narrative Retelling :  After reading any story, have you child close the book and tell you everything he/she can remember withou any question from you.  Follow you child's retelling by asking any of the following questions that were not covered:  Setting:  When and where does the story take place?  (Location and time)  Characters: Who are the people in the story?  Plot:  What is this story about?  Problem:  What was the problem in the story?  Solution:  Was the problem solved? How?  ( This might have came off of teacher pay teacher.  It was a sheet given to me years ago for my homework folders)
     Write upper and lower case letters daily.

     Review letters and sounds.

    Go to Letterland and do fast action say letter and sound of each one.