• Research on Summer Reading. Kids who do read tend to gain a month of reading proficiency.   Welcome to the NewsELA.com Summer Reading Challenge 2019! Follow these steps to help get points for our school and for yourself!

    !. Using your school email, log into Newsela.com. Across banner at top, click on "Collections" and choose "Summer Reading Challenge."

    2. On the left of screen you need to choose the High School Summer Reading Challenge.

    3. Once you have chosen the High School Summer Reading Challenge, you may choose any article within the program listed. You earn points for each article read and quiz completed.

    Newsela.com choose "Collections" and "Summer Reading Challenge." Newsela.com next choose "High School Summer Reading Challenge" for reading levels. Under High School Reading Challenge, chose any article you wish.

    If you have further questions or for the class code, <and you are a rising FRESHMAN> email me: merri.sayler@robeson.k12.nc.us for further details.