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    How to be Successful in Art Class
    1. Attend class regularly.
    2. Be in your seat and ready to work when I start discussing the lesson for the day.
    3. Bring a pencil with an eraser everyday.
    4. No disruptive behavior.
    5. Pay close attention to directions.  Do not talk during instruction.
    6. Please raise your hand when you need to speak or ask a question.
    7. Turn in all assignments on time.
    8. Please write your name/class/date on all assignments.
    9. Clean up will be announced before the end of class.  Work until that time.
    10. Keep the room clean and orderly before you leave.
    11. Be sure your work is in the correct place to be stored until the next class. 
    12. Classes that cannot maintain a quiet and creative atmosphere will lose all talking privileges.
    13. Take chances with your work!  Experiment!  Learn from mistakes!