• What to complete during the storm break:


    1.  Finish reading and answering questions for "The Most Dangerous Game" packet.  DUE Monday 9/9/19

    2.  Work on "Me Project" by Monday it should be almost done except for the display if you need help with that.  We will do powerpoints or create booklets etc. on Monday 9/9/19.  Projects are due for presentation on Tuesday 9/10/19.

    CRITERIA FOR ME PROJECT:      1.  Answer each question

                                                   2.  Write an anecdote/example for each question

                                                   3.  Use a SAT word in each anecdote

                                                   4.  Picture for each anecdote

    3.  Make sure you SAT book is up-to-date through page 7.

          Make sure all spaces in the word box are complete.  Make sure you have the 3 sentences I gave you WRITTEN CORRECTLY.

          Make sure the grammar side is complete(2 sentences written correctly.) . 1 of your grammar pages is a 6 sentence paragraph.


    ***any questions.......email or remind message me.