• Effective Study Skills



    What Are the Most Important Study Skills for Elementary School Students?

    Elementary students, like all students, require a comfortable and conducive learning environment. It is important to teach students how to practice healthy study skills. The following study habits are recommended by teachers:

    • Adopt a work first, play later philosophy. Playing is much more fun when we know it is earned.
    • Aim for a balance between work and play.
    • Minimize distractions while studying.
    • Ask questions if something is confusing.
    • Create a timeline or schedule to organize tasks.
    • Create goals and benchmarks to monitor goals.
    • Take notes often.
    • Use graphic organizers, such as the Venn diagram or webbing tree.


    I Believe in Me

    I believe in me.
    I promise to remember who I am.
    I promise to think about where I am,
    Where I'm going,
    Where I want to be going,
    What I need to do to get there.

    I promise to be a creative thinker,
    A constructive problem solver,
    A curious explorer,
    A real listener,
    A compassionate person,
    An active citizen.

    I promise to help others.
    To help others discover their personal dreams
    And be proud of who they are.
    To believe that with time, patience,
    and positive energy,
    We can move the world to a better place.

    By: Peter Reynolds