• Homework Assignments



    Homework Contract    February 9-13th, 2015 


    Spelling Words:   ankle    title    apple    cable    fable    table    able    stable    purple    bugle    bundle   

                                                           bubble  sparkle     tickle    giggle    wiggle 


    Challenge Words:  quilt     pretended    blankets    stitched    welcome

    WOW:                                                      STATE: 
    forgiveness                                                     Oklahoma



    1.  Write each spelling word 2 times.


    2.   Use -er (for 2) or -est (for 3 or more) on the end of each word to compare.

      Jan is ______ than I am. (brave)             My class is the _______ of all. (nice)
      Her pencil is _______ than mine. (long)    Sue is the ________ runner of all. (fast)
      My mom is ______ than yours. (tall)          The red car is _______ than the blue one. (slow)  

    3.  Math Sheet


    4. READ!!



    1.   Write the Spelling Words in ABC order.


    2.   Circle the adjective in each sentence. (describing word)

      The bell made a loud sound.              Mom poured the sour milk down the drain.
      The bitter chocolate needs more sugar.          The wet towels are hanging up.  

    3.  Math Sheet

    4. Read!! 



    1.  Write spelling words one time each and circle the vowels.


    2.   Circle the adjectives in each sentence. *There may be more than one in each sentence.

          The long, slimy worm slithered through the wet mud.
           The big scary monster was chasing me.
           Dad borrowed five nails from Ken.

    3. Math Sheet

    4. Read: "Quilt Story" Open Book Reading Test on Thursday!  
     1. Give your child a practice spelling test. STUDY!!
    2. Prepare your valentine cards or goodies. :) 
    3. Math Sheet!
    4. READ!!