• Ruri-teen and Ruritan youth

    Ruri-Teen clubs are formed with teen and youth members, up to age 19. These clubs can be located in schools or in the community and may meet 12 months a year or 9 months a year, to coincide with the school year.

    Ruritan Youth are members under the age of 19 in regular Ruritan clubs. There is no lower limit to the age of a youth member in a regular club. Many entire families belong to Ruritan and the children are considered "Ruritan Youth."


    The Ruri-Teens and Ruritan Youth who attended the 2007 National Convention in Louisville, KY had a room dedicated to youth activities, including a Youth Caucus where candidates for National Office came to talk to the young delegates about issues. Pictured above and below are Ruri-Teen Advisor and Youth Committee member Mike Stover (red sweatshirt) and Ruritan National Director Wayne Owens (red tie).


    Youth also took part in all facets of the convention -- including working
    on a sewing project to make pillows for a Louisville hospital.