• Schedule
    1st period
     Principles of Marketing (Non-honors and honors)
    Honors is taught via Schoology or Canvas (see instructor)
    8:00 am to 9:30 am
    2nd period
     Principles of Marketing (Non-honors and Honors)
    Honors is taught via Schoology or Canvas (see instructor)
    9:35 am to 11:05 am
    3rd period
    Entrepreneurship I (Non-honors and Honors) Honors is taught 
    via Schoology 0r Canvas (see instructor)
    11:10 am to 1:10 pm
    Lunches (3rd period)
    11:05 to 1:05
    4th period
    Cooperative education: On-the-job training and planning                 1:30 pm to 2:55 pm

    Second semester: MA52 Marketing Management typically 1st period.  Entrepreneurship 1 ME11 2nd period, planning 3rd period, coop on-the-job training and CTE advanced studies, 4th period.  Honors section of these courses taught via Schoology AND CANVAS. 

    After-school Driver's Education: Times and dates announced at or during afternoon announcements typically right after the start of fourth period.  It is the responsibility of the student to listen for these announcements.
    See Driver Education short cut link for more information.