• Battle of the Books 


    The Battle of the Books Program:

    • is a reading incentive program for students in grades 3-8 (we are in the Elementary Completion for second and third graders)
    • used to encourage our students to read good books
    • have FUN while reading the books.


    To be a BOB team member, a student must:

    • enjoy reading chapter books
    • be a good reader
    • read the 15 books from the BOB book list
    • pass the AR quiz for each book with 80% or better
    • attend weekly team meetings
    • memorize all 15 book titles and authors
    • have a good attitude in and out of class
    • make up and study questions related to each book
    • attend the Battle of the Books completion in January 2018. 

    A BOB "battle" for the Elementary Level (grades 2-4) consists of two full days of doing battle against the other Elementary School teams.  Rounds are played and teams earn points by giving the correct answer to the questions.  


    *Coaches reserve the right to remove a team member from the team*