• Lab Equ 2     7th Grade Science


    7th Grade Science Parent Letter/Syllabus

    Rowena Bullard

    2020 School Year


    Welcome to my class! I hope you all enjoyed your summer vacation. I look forward to a productive and fun year! There is much to learn about science, and we will cover some interesting subjects this year. 7th grade science covers the following units: 

    • Motion and Forces
    • Conservation and Transfer
    • Earth Systems, Structures and Processes
    • Structures and Functions of  Living Organisms
    • Evolution and Genetics

    Important Note: 7th grade science contains an MSL, and yes, it counts just as much as your Math and Reading EOG’s!


    I respect each and every student, and I expect the same in return. Students, this year you will grow in several aspects. It is important that you understand the fact that concepts we will be learning this year are foundations that will prepare you for the entirety of your education as well as the science EOG. In addition to science, you will learn concepts that will effectively help you to study, work independently, and be ORGANIZED!


    Class Materials/Supplies:

    ·        Paper and Pencils

    ·     Markers, Glue Stick, Index  

    ·        Notebook paper and Pencils

    ·        1 Composition Notebook 


    If you miss class, it is up TO YOU to get your missing assignments. There will be a folder provided each day with the assignments/work from the previous day.

    ·        Each student is responsible for completing all missed work

    ·        Test/Class work cannot be made up during class (Test make-up after school)

    ·        Students have 5 days to make up any missed work

    ·        A zero will be given for any work that is not made up within the 5 days given or if no arrangements  have not been made to make up the work


    My grade percentages are based on the following:


    Test/Quizzes: 20%                                               
    Projects/Labs: 10%                                             

    Homework: 10%

    Classwork/Participation: 40%                              

    Science Journal/Notebooks/Starters: 20%    



    There is a grade-wide rule/consequence system in tact. Additional information regarding this system has been given to each student and parent. As far as my classroom, I am a firm believer in parent/teacher communication. Students, please be aware that I will contact your parent/guardian constantly regarding behavior and work. If you decide to get lazy about homework or assignments, expect a letter/email/call to your parents. I will warn you ONE time about missing assignments before I make contact. As stated earlier, you are going to learn responsibility in my class. That means that I will do whatever it takes to keep you on task…even invite your parent to sit in class with you! I will also contact parents for good behavior and work. The following rules have been implemented to offer you fairness and order in our classroom.

    • Be in your seat and ready to begin work when the bell rings.
    • Sit in your assigned seat daily.
    • Respect others and their property at all times.
    • Bring all books and materials to class daily.
    • Raise your hand and wait to be recognized before talking or getting out of your seat. 


    I am also a firm believer in rewarding good behavior and on-task work. I give class-wide rewards, such as using notes on a test for 5 minutes. I also give individual rewards, such as homework passes.

    I look forward to this school year, as well as getting to know the students. Parents, I assure you that I will treat your child as my own. I do not believe in embarrassing students, and I handle every circumstance professionally. My goal is not only to educate your child, but prepare and inspire him/her for future endeavors. You can always contact me with any questions or concerns. I will give you my cell number as well at your request. I will be getting my website up soon so please check each week.


    Rowena Bullard
    7th/8th Grade Science Teacher Email:   rowena.bullard@robeson.k12.nc.us
    Please sign the bottom portion, detach, and return to me. Thanks!


    I have read and understand the intentions and guidelines stated in the syllabus for Miss Bullard’s 7th grade science class.

    Student: _________________________   Date: _______________________

    Parent/Guardian: ____________________ Date: _______________________

     I prefer Miss Bullard to contact me by:

    Email ________________________________________ (please list email)

    Phone ________________________________________ (please list phone number)

    Letter ________________________________________ (please list address)