• Michael Gilliland - 7th Grade English & Language Arts
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      My name is Michael Gilliland, and I am Rowland Middle School's 7th Grade Language Arts teacher. I am in my 8th year at Rowland, and becoming a teacher, and more specifically a Cobra, has been the best decision I have made in my professional life.

      The Common Core is bringing about a shift in the way teachers teach and the way that students learn. This transition is going to be a major challenge for teachers and students alike, but without challenges, life would be BORING! The new standards are designed to make students more college-and-career ready, and in my class, will include changes such as:  more writing assignments, more work on grammar, more speaking and listening exercises, more utilization of technology, more researching and digging for evidence from texts, and a much greater emphasis on non-fiction reading.

      Your child's education and all-around development as a good citizen with a bright future is of the utmost importance to me, and that is why we must work together. Please contact me whenever a question or concern arises.