• The project itself must be 5 pages long.

    The pages breakdown like this:

    ü  Title Page

    ü  Informational Essay (2 pages)

    ü  Illustration

    ü  Bibliography


    ·         The title page must include the following:

    The name of your tribe of Native Americans

    Your name

    Your class

    The Date

    You can include an illustration on this page.

    This information should be centered on the page.

    Do not put a page number on the title page. After you have finished click on insert, click page numbers, then click on different from first page and there will not be a page number on title page.


    ·         Informational Essay (Two pages or pages 2 & 3)


    This is the information that you have gathered about your tribe. You can choose to organize your paper with subtitles. For examples you can gather information about your chosen tribe’s food, clothing, homes/houses, important battles, etc.  Remember the information you gather or collect has to be written in your words – paraphrased. You cannot cut and copy information onto your paper straight from the internet or encyclopedia. That is plagiarism and will result in an ‘F.’


    This information must be double spaced and it must be typed in 12 point, Times New Roman font style. If for some reason you cannot get it typed you may write it but it must be in black ink and double spaced on loose leaf notebook paper (All this means is you skip a line between each line of text).



    ·         The illustration can be one picture that you drew or a collection (collage) of pictures that you obtained while online. (Page 4)


    ·         The bibliography/reference page is where you list the sites you visited and collected your information from – I will explain the reference/bibliography page with you and show you a site that you can visit which will help you with each step of the reference. (Page 5)


    You must have at least two sources for your paper. YAHOO, GOOGLE or BING are not sources, they are search engines that help you to find other websites from which you can gather information.





    These are two sources – There are more on my links page or you can use a search engine and find one on your own.