• Personification is when you give a non-living object human characteristics. For example: a stove has eyes or a comb has teeth.
    Onomatopoeia is the use of sound words. For example: Bang, Pow, Hiss
    Slang is the casual use of language. Authors often use this to make their writing more interesting and the reader can often make connections to the work much easier. For instance some people say "wassup?" instead of what's up?
    Dialogue is the language or the words supposedly spoken by characters. It's easily defined as the conversation between characters.
    Dialect is the way a group of people speak. Each area of the state and the United States has their own dialects - in the South we say y'all and in the North they say yous guys. Robeson County has their own dialect and each community within the county has its own dialect. In some areas they say things like "kill 'em out" which means beat somebody. Instead of saying tire we often say "tar."
    A Simile' is a comparison between two unlike things using like or as to make the comparison.
    A Metaphor is a comparison between two unlike things - saying one thing is another.