Homework Assignments





     English 3 and 4    
     1.  memory cue chart for vocab list 1 due Friday, 1-10-20
     2.  Make sure your notebook is in order by Monday. 1-13-20.  I will check to see if you have your notebook and if it is divided into the appropriate sections.
     3.  study guide questions and context clues activity for "Gray Matter" due Thursday, 1-23-20
     4.  vocab quiz 1 on Thursday, 1-23-20, so study, study, study!!!
     5.  memory cue chart vocab list 2 due Friday, 1-24-20
     6.  Unit 1 Test on Tuesday, 1-28-20.  This test will cover two short stories, "Night Surf" and "Gray Matter", which we read aloud in class, as well as the movie, Misery.  Students will view the movie on 1-23-20 and 1-24-20 and take notes about the main character, Annie Wilkes.  Students will write an essay using some of the information from their notetaking.
     7.  vocab quiz 2 on Wednesday, 2-12-20
    8.  memory cue chart vocab list 3 due 2-13-20
    9.  Pardon Me, Your Modifier is Dangling acitivity due 2-14-20:  Students were given, at least, 45 minutes to work on this mini-project during class.  They were asked to complete it at home.
    10.  Periods 2 and 3:  Anglo Saxon background notes due 2-20-20  Read pp.6-17 and take notes on each section..a one or two-sentence summary should suffice for each section
    11.  Period 3:  Beowulf study guide (12-28) Beowulf Hero chart due Tuesday, 2-18-20
    12.  Period 2:  Beowulf study guide (12-28) and Hero chart check 2 due Tuesday, 2-18-20
    13.  Period 1:  bio notes for Eudora Welty due 2-27-20
    14.  Discussion questions for A Worn Path due 2-28-20
    15.  Unit 2 Test:   essay portion on Friday, 2-28-20 and remainder of test on Monday, 3-2-20 for Periods 2 and 3/Period 1 will complete the remainder of their test on Tuesday, 3-3-20
    16.  Periods 2 and 3:  images related to Anglo Saxon era/Old English/Beowulf due Tuesday, 3-3-20
    17.  Periods 2 and 3:  Medieval era research topics randomly selected on Tuesday, 3-3-20--students will work on this assignment for the duration of Unit 3:  Medieval Era/Middle English/Geoffrey Chaucer/The Prologue to the Canterbury Tales;  powerpoint due 3-17-20 and information for bulletin board assigment due 3-18-20
    18.  Geoffrey Chaucer bio notes due 3-4-20 for Periods 2 and 3
    19.  Middle Ages study guide questions (1-20) due Thursday, 3-5-20
    20  vocab quiz 3 on Monday, 3-9-20 (study!!)
    21.  Parallel structure quiz on Friday, 3-6-20
    22. memory cue chart vocab list 4 due Monday, 3-9-20