Project #

    Project Name


     8th Grade

    CANVAS PAINTINGS & GRIDDED SELF PORTRAITS-Students will apply their prior knowledge to create a more structured painting that will be aesthetically pleasing. The Gridded Portrait will be introduced using visuals from other middle school students and Chuck Close along with the some background and history. The homework assignment will involve students taking a selfie or baby picture via email. Using mathematics students will design a grid to assist in recreating their picture. 

     Visuals, step by step demonstration, computer, drawing paper, printer, paints, brushes, cups, palettes, paper towels, aprons, compasses,  pencils, rulers, imagination and patience 

     7th Grade


    Students will continue their notebook book art focusing on movement, overlapping, texture and form. Feedback and ideas will be encouraged in a steered conversation. Students will be responsible for details, bold colors and shading. For the Typography Lesson students will be using a subject of their choice (famous person) to recreate using various fonts ONLY!

     Step by step demonstration, visuals, computer, notebook paper, drawing paper, 4-6B drawing pencils, coloring pencils, rulers, markers, terms and/or lyrics.

     6th Grade

    Alphabet Sandwich and BALANCE-

    Students will use each letter in the alphabet to represent a food item. For example  A=apple, B=banana and so on, with the exception of Q, U, X,Y, and Z. There will be a top and bottom to their sandwich along with the filling of the alphabet. For the symmetrical balance students will produce an equally divided circle that will contain the same image in each section. Transferring, math, balance and added color will finish up the project.

    Teacher demonstration, drawing paper, compasses, drawing pencils, scissors, visuals, markers and color pencils.