• Syllabus

    Class: 7th Grade Social Studies 
    Teacher: Mr. Holt
    School: St. Pauls Middle School
    Year:  2019 - 2020
    As we begin a new school year at SPMS; I would like to welcome you and your student to my class! I am excited about this semester and hope to pass along my enthusiasm for Social Studies to all my students. In doing this, I will need your help because learning is a team effort and you play a vital role in your child's education. Enclosed you will find specific expectations for this class.
    Each student will need to purchase a composition tablet, in this tablet you will write your  Bell Work/Starter activity, (this composition tablet will remain in class). You will need the following: Three-ring binder, Highlighters, Coloring Pencils, Ruler, Scissors, Glue Stick, Pencils and Notebook paper. In addition, we will be doing projects throughout the semester, and supplies the students need vary according to the project at hand.
    Each student's grade will be determined as follows: 
    Homework................................................... 20%
    Class Work ................................................. 40%
    * Extra credit may be given.
    *  Assignments will be due when the student walks into the classroom. Anything turned in after this will result in a late penalty.
    1 day late = minus 15 pts.  2 Days late = minus 30 pts. 3 Days late = minus 50 pts.
    Assignments turned in 4 + Days late will be counted as zero.
    Students are expected to attend school regularly, which means no more than nine absences per semester.  An excused absence is still considered an absence, therefore, will count as one of the allowed nine per semester.  If the student is at school, but fails to attend my class, he/she will be counted absent. Parents will be notified if a child misses more than three consecutive days of class or more than five days total.
    I would expect that, with the upper level of maturity in my classes, I will have little to no discipline problems. In any case, should a student choose bad behavior over good behavior the disciplinary procedures are as follows:
    1. Conference between student and teacher (private warning)
    2. Grade level conference with the student
    3. Parent/Guardian contact
    4. Parent-student conference with the grade level and/or team
    5. Discipline referral to administration
    The student will be sent to the office immediately with a discipline referral in extreme situations. Depending on the offense, I reserve the right to skip any level of disciplinary action. Students who repeatedly are a nuisance in my class will be punished to the fullest extent. It is impossible to teach a class when even one student is hindering the teaching process.
    After School Detention:  Assigned by the teacher after parent consultation, parents must be notified 24 hours in advance.
    Make-up policy:
    According to the student handbook,students who are absent have 5 days to turn in make-up work starting the day he/she returns to school.  IT IS THE STUDENTS RESPONSIBILITY TO COME TO ME TO RECEIVE MAKE-UP WORK!  I will not hunt down a student to make sure they have their missing assignments.  For example, if a student is absent on Monday and returns on Tuesday, by the following Monday he/she should  have all assignments turned in.  In addition these students are also responsible for the work that they are assigned during these five days.  It is their responsibility to play "catch up."  Also students that have an unlawful absence are allowed to make up work missed that day but it will be counted as a zero.
    Plagiarism by definition is "the unlawful coping, paraphrasing, or summarizing of another person's work without giving the author proper credit."  Plagiarism is not only cheating, but also stealing and will not be tolerated in my classroom under any circumstances.  When I suspect that a student is plagiarizing, I reserve the right to ask the student to relinquish all of their resources for further investigation.  Should I find plagiarism in any assignment this will result in a zero for the assignment of all parties involved.
    Contacting the Teacher:
    The best way to reach me is through my email: harry.holt@robeson.k12.nc.us
    If you feel that you need to talk to me personally, please call the school to make an appointment at (910) 865-4070.
    A progress report will go out at the half-way point of the nine week grading period.
    A report card will go out each nine weeks.  Please read the comments and respond accordingly.
    Phone Calls/Visits:  If I notice a major shift in a student's attitude or performance I will call/visit, parents/guardian.  However, I do not consider a one-time low grade or failure to turn-in one assignment cause for alarm.
    Letters:  When I fail to reach a parent by phone or when a student is in danger of failing, I will mail home letters concerning these facts.  I keep a copy and forward a copy to the grade level administrator and counseling center.
    Teacher/Parent/Guardian/Student Honor Code Contract
    It is very important to me that, as a class, we have a successful year with little to no violations to school regulations. It is necessary that all parents, guardians, and students know exactly what the honor code in my class will be as well as be able to adhere to these policies.
    I understand that some students may participate in after school activities.  I encourage these activities so long as the student understands that his/her education should be their number one priority.  In knowing this, students who are absent for any reason need to approach me, and if he/she chooses not to do so or does not turn in the make-up work on time this will be a zero for this assignment.
    Students are expected to complete all assignments on their own unless otherwise told.  Any student caught coping another person's work, (no matter what the assignment is), will result in a zero for all parties involved.  Do not copy someone's work and do not let someone copy your work!  This also applies for any kind of tests or quizzes. Anyone caught giving and/or receiving answers or any kind of help to or for another student will receive a zero.
    I expect that, should either a student or parent/guardian have any questions, he/she should approach me.  I will work around schedules to help any student and will also be glad to talk to any concerned parent/guardian.  But I cannot help what I do not know of.  Please keep me informed of any life changing events that may occur throughout the year, as they may directly affect a student's grade. Also, please do not hesitate to ask for tutoring or help with any school work.  I am available on request and will be happy to assist with any issues at hand.
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