• Significance of Art Education
    Art Education should promote interdisciplinary study; and integration among and across the arts and other disciplines.
    The use of technology in art should increase their ability to synthesize, integrate and construct new meanings from a wealth of new resources and information so that they understand the relationships among technical means, artistic techniques, and artistic goals.
    The development of problem-recognition/problem-solving, and creative and higher-order thinking skills should be taken seriously in arts education as necessary skills to be taught and learned for success in life and work.
    The art education program provide a foundation for educational assessment on student-by-student basic.
    Students should know and be able to:
    • communicate at a basic level which includes basic level which includes basic vocabularies, materials, tools, techniques, and intellectual methods.
    • communicate proficiently in at least one art form including the ability to define and solve artistic problems with insight, reason, and technical proficiency.
    • develop and present basic analyses of works of art from structural, historical, and cultural perspectives.