• Welcome to Music!!   


    This year I am expecting All students to strive for excellence to become the best musician that can and will be. Your child will learn music terminology and concepts. They will also learn to blend their voices when singing. Your child will learn to play musical instruments and learn to read music. 

    This year I expect all students to attend performances throughout the year. These dates will be posted in the calendar and a letter will be sent home informing them of the date also. If your child knows that you will bring them they will work harder in class for You!!

    Music gives your child an opportunity to become creative in a world where their imagination and creativity is being stifled and bogged down with tests and rigorous assessments. 

    So let's make this the Best years for growing, learning, and creativity!!

      Teach Music
     Music expresses that which cannot be said and on which it is impossible to be silent~Victor Hugo