•                      3rd Grade Newsletter February 3-7, 2020                                                        Union Elementary School – Title 1

    This is what we’re Learning

    Reading: Describe how connections support points

    Vocabulary: EOG Reading Vocabulary

    Vocabulary Skill – Prefixes (pre-, re-, and bi-)

    Math:  Geometry and the 100th Day

    Science – Groundhog Day and Space Food

    Social Studies – Invention of Pizza

    Feb. 6 – Conferences with teacher 4:30 p.m.-5:30 p.m. and PTO will be held at 6:00 p.m.  Our students will perform. 


    February 10 – Fundraiser orders and money are due


    February 14 - $20.00 is due for trip to see “A Call of the Wild”  


    February 21 – Trip to see “A Call of the Wild” movie at Millstone Theater


    WOW:  Motivation – the desire to move towards a goal  


                      EOG Reading Vocabulary





    the reason something happens




    what happens because of something


    the order of events

    bold print

    Words that are written darker than others


    Tells what the paragraph is about

    text features

    special parts of the text that help you locate facts or details


    boxed information


    tells what the whole passage is about


    a picture or drawing to add to the text


    the explanation for a picture or drawing


    *****We are no longer having spelling or reading comprehension tests from the Journeys reading textbook.  However, we will select various grammar or vocabulary skills to cover that we feel are important.  We are beginning our preparation for the NC EOG.