eagle History of W. H. Knuckles Elementary
    Home of the Eagles!!!
    The name of our school is W.H. Knuckles. It is named after William Henry Knuckles. He graduated from Shaw University, a historically African American University. He came to Lumberton in 1912 to take a position as principal at the Thompson Institute. The original Institute was one building, but by the year of 1921 under the administration of Dr. Knuckles there were five buildings. The main complex was a three-story brick structure with wooden columns. It housed dining facilities, classrooms, and living quarters for teachers and students.

    Under the leadership of Dr. Knuckles, the school attract
    ed students from many of the nearby counties, and several states, as far away as New York. By the year of 1920, most of the teachers employed in the local schools were graduates of the Thompson Institute.

    William Henry Knuckles

    Dr. Knuckles passed away in 1942, and as a lasting memorial to him, the school was renamed in his honor. Thus, W.H. Knuckles Elementary!