• Advanced Function and Modeling Syllabus                                         Purnell Swett High School                 

    Instructor:  Mrs. Cassandra Bullard        School Phone:      (910) 521-3253   Email:   Cassandra.bullard@robeson.k12.nc.us            


    Class Schedule:  

    1st period Advanced Function and Modeling                               8:00-9:30

    2nd period Essential for College Math                                           9:30-11:22                                                           

    3rd period  Essential for College Math                                           11:29-1:22

    4th period Planning                                                                           1:30-3:00


    Office/Conference Hours: I encourage parents to contact school guidance at (910) 522-4774 to schedule a conference or to discuss your child’s progress at any time.  I will call periodically with academic and behavioral updates.  Together we can make this semester successful for all of us.      


    Course Description:  This course provides students a survey of preparatory topics for success on the college level, including the foundation of advanced algebra concepts. Students will use appropriate technology (manipulatives, calculators and application software) regularly for instruction and assessment. (for more information refer to http://www.dpi.state.nc.us).   


    -Brief review of Algebra 1 concepts                               -Rational Expressions

    -Graphing Linear Relations and Functions                    -Polynomial Functions

    -Polynomial and Radical Expressions                              -Matrices

    -Quadratic Functions and Inequalities                           -Solving Systems of Linear Equations and Inequalities                   

    -Exponential and Logarithmic Functions

    Unit 1:  Review/Voting              Unit 2:  Recursion

    Unit 3:  Apportionment             Unit 4:  Fair Division

    Unit 4:  Matrices                        Unit 5:  Graph Theory

    Unit 6:  Probability                     Unit 7:  Data & Statistics


    Course Philosophy:  To foster an environment of academic growth for students in so much that learning lends itself to creating successful educational experiences for all students in the classroom setting.  


    Goals/Objectives of Course:  To gain a foundational understanding and appreciation for the practical applications of mathematics and to increase abilities to analyze and exercise scientific skill by apply mathematical principles and concepts. (for more information refer to http://www.dpi.state.nc.us)


    Common Sense Rules of Behavior: 

    1)       Be in your seat with all material necessary for class when the bell rings.

    2)       Stay in your seat unless permission is given to do otherwise.

    3)       Treat others, yourself and the teacher with respect



    Tardiness Policy (see student handbook)


    Restroom Use: There is more than adequate time for students to use bathroom facilities between classes.  The only exception will be for sickness and a note will be given to see the school nurse.  Students leaving class without permission will be referred to administration for skipping class.


    No electronic devices in class (see student handbook). 


    Calculator Use & Care:  Calculators will be used in the class.  However, there will be calculator inactive assignments and content material that will be processed without the calculator.  Students will be expected to use calculators carefully and when finished, turn them off and put the cover back on and place them in their proper place.  Class will not be dismissed until all calculators are accounted for.     Calculators will not be allowed outside of class under any circumstances.


    Instructor’s Role & Responsibilities:  As an educator, it is my duty to provide opportunities for my students to develop self-discipline and respect for the rights of others while providing adequate learning opportunities for all students.  In order for those duties to be fulfilled, an inclusive classroom environment has to establish and maintain order by informing students of individual classroom behavior expectations and maintain discipline within the classroom while protecting the rights of all students. Given this, the teacher has the responsibility to initiate actions to remove dangerous or disruptive students and refer, in writing, a disruptive student to the principal or assistant principal when teacher-initiated interventions have been unsuccessful or the severity of the offense determines that it is necessary for administrative involvement.


    Student's Role and Responsibilities: 

    1)       Be on time!  Tardiness disrupts the learning process and causes you trouble.

    2)       Be prepared!  Bring your materials (binder, paper, pencils, homework, and book) with you daily when you come to class.  (No credit is given for homework that is at home or in your locker.)

    3)       Be attentive!  Be ready to ask and to answer questions on the material and stay on task!

    4)       Be organized!  Keep all handouts, notes and assignments in chronological order.

    5)       Be present!  If a student is absent for any reason, he/she is expected to make up all missed work.  It is the student’s responsibility to see the teacher about missed work.

    6)       Be involved!  Participate in all class activities.  ***Math is active learning.***It’s like anything else in life, “you get out of it what you put into it”


    Success Skills:  (What it will take to be successful in this class!)

    1)       Take notes and copy all examples during class.

    2)       Ask questions in class.  Do not be shy!

    3)       Keep all handouts, notes and assignments and use to study

    4)       When studying, students should practice problems from their notes, classroom examples and homework.

    5)       BE POSITIVE!!!!!


    Grade                          %                        Materials Needed               TI-84 Calculator

    Test/Portfolios                       35%                                                       3-ring binder

    Class work/Collaboration    25%                                                       pencils

    Quizzes                                  10%                                                        highlighter

    Projects                                 20%                                                        paper

    Homework                            10%                                                       

    Total                                       100%  


    Projects:  This is an honors level course that will require at least two projects (one per 9 wks.) and projects will be graded on a rubric scale and there will be ample notice given before project due dates. 


    Grading System:  Students and Parents will have real-time access to grades through Power School and will be given an account code to establish a username and password if they do not have an account established from previous classes. 


    Textbook:              Glencoe Algebra 2 & Mrs. Bullards’ school webpage


    Attendance & Learning Centers:  Students must not be absent more than 5 days.  If they are, it is their responsibility to go to Saturday School from 8:00-1:00 to make up missed days.  Learning centers are available on Tuesdays from 3:00-4:00 in my room (Rm 303).  Students are required to sign up the week prior to attending learning center the following Tuesday.   The bus will transport your child home or you can provide them transportation after the Learning Centers. 

    Missed assignments & tests due to absenteeism:  Sign up for learning center

    Missed quizzes:  Excused

         I have read the syllabus and understand the expectations for this course. The student and parent signatures are for a quiz grade and must be returned by 


    Student’s Signature: _________________________________________________


    Parents/Guardian Signature: __________________________________________

    Phone Numbers:        HOME__________________________

                                        CELL  __________________________



     Academic Dishonesty:  Academic dishonesty of any variety will not be tolerated.  Any instance where there is probable cause of cheating, the grade given for the assignment/test etc… will be a zero and there will be no opportunity for make-up.  Parents will be contacted and informed of the situation.