• Volleyball Camp


    Summer 2019


    Camp Director:  Corey Deese


    Individual Camp: July 22-25th



    Camp Information

    July 22-25th

    8:00am-3:00pm (Monday-Thursday)

    This camp is for any age group that is old enough to participate in individual and group activities (upcoming 4th graders and up, but call if there are questions about younger, interested campers).  This camp is designed for those players who are just beginning or for those that want to fine-tune their fundamental skills & knowledge of the game.  Campers will learn passing, setting, hitting, blocking, and serving, along with the rules & procedures of how to play the game correctly.  Campers will have a chance to play games, do stations, participate in contests and much more.  The last day of camp, there will be an awards program at the end for the campers and the parents to take pictures if they like.  This camp will provide knowledge, a great atmosphere for learning & having fun & a t-shirt.  At the end of camp each camper will receive a report card on skills & abilities rating their ability at the time of camp so they know what they need to work/improve on before next season.

    Supplies Needs for Camp:

    Campers will need knee-pads, wear work out clothes (shorts, t-shirt/tank tops, NO DENIM), tennis shoes, socks (extra socks just in case), sports bra, and money for the camp store.  If a child has asthma, they will need to bring their inhaler or any other medical stuff with them to camp each day.  They must also bring a good attitude and a willingness to learn.

    Bagged Lunches

    Bagged lunches will be provided for a low cost of $10.00/camper.  With camp lasting past lunch time, a scheduled lunch break will be provided.  In the past we have had several children who would forget to pack their lunch, therefore, we are providing bagged lunches for those that would like to take advantage of the offer.  Each lunch consists of a sandwich (turkey, ham, or PB&J), bag of chips, fruit and a water/Gatorade from the camp store.  We ask that campers do not leave during the lunch break.

    Camp Store:

    Campers will have the opportunity to visit the camp store, which sells water/Gatorade, chips, snacks, t-shirts, & other volleyball goodies.  The camp store is a way for campers to get that college camp feel without the college camp prices. Campers are allowed to put money on their account, anything left at the end will be refunded back to them on the last day.



    All deposits (which are nonrefundable) should be received with registration forms no later than May 15th.  If a camper finds out they are unable to attend, they have to inform the camp 48 hours prior to camp’s starting date.  If informed 48 hours prior to camp starting, the camper will be refunded anything over the $40.00 nonrefundable deposit. If a camper does NOT notify camp 48 hours prior to camp, no money will be refunded.  If a camper starts camp the first day and does not return for the rest of the week, they do NOT get a refund either.

    Late Registration:

    It is important to try and register on time, but it is understandable that schedules change and dates open up.  That is why a child is allowed to register up to the day of camp if for some reason they did not meet the registration deadline.  However, if a camper registers late for camp, the camp fee is $90.00 due to shipping costs for t-shirt orders & to cover insurance fees.  The $90.00 is due the day they come to camp.  The $90.00 does not include the bagged lunch fee, with that it would be $100.00

    Camp cost- $80.00 (register by May 15th)

                   *fee with bagged lunch $90.00

    Late registration is $90.00


    Camp Registration

    Name: _____________________________

    Address: ___________________________


    Phone # (H) __________________

    (Work/cell) __________________

    Upcoming Grade ______ DOB __________

    T-shirt size (circle one) AS   AM    AL     AXL  A2XL  YS     YM    YL     YXL   

    Emergency Contact Information

    Guardian Name: _____________________

    Work number _______________________

    Cell phone _________________________

    Relationship to camper _______________

    Does the camper have any medical conditions that would limit them from participating? Y  N  If answered yes, please explain ____________________________


    Camp Fees and Deposits

    $80.00 ($40.00 nonrefundable registration fee)

    All deposits should be received with registration forms no later than May 15th

    Registration forms may be brought to Corey Deese at Purnell Swett or mailed to:

    Corey Deese

    PO Box 1896

    Pembroke, NC 28372

    Make all checks payable to: Corey Deese, put volleyball camp and child’s name in memo.

    Medical Release: All campers must have their own medical coverage. Campers will not be able to play unless the following information is submitted and the form signed by the parent or guardian of the camper.

    ** Camper’s Insurance Co. ___________________________________

    Policy # ____________________________

    Address ___________________________

    Phone _____________________________


    I/We, the undersigned, hereby acknowledge and understand that Corey Deese Volleyball Camp is a privately run sports camp, and is not operated through the Public Schools of Robeson County. The camp is neither sponsored, controlled, nor supervised by the Public Schools of Robeson County.  I/We, the undersigned, waive, release and forever discharge Purnell Swett, PSRC, or the Camp, and its staff from any and all liability, claims, demands, actions, and causes of actions whatsoever arising out of or related to any loss, personal injury, or property damage that may be sustained or occur during participation in Camp activities.


    Parental/Guardian Signature: