• Parents Please Take Time to Read
    "There are appropriate and inappropriate subjects that a parent can discuss with a coach.  Appropriate ones are mental and physical treatment of the child, ways to help the child improve and the child's behavior.  Inappropriate ones are playing time, strategy and other team members."-Bruce Brown (Camano Island) proactivecoaching.info
    Remember that independence through athletics is critical in a child's development.  The coaching staff is always happy to speak with you in regards to your daughter, but we ask that you:
    • insist that your daughter try and work out volleyball-related issues with her coach first before enlisting your assistance.
    • discuss all concerns with the coaching staff first before contacting the athletic director or administration.
    • avoid jumping to conclusions.  Please remember that some teenagers tend to exaggerate both when praised and criticized, and that decisions about complicated issues like playing time are usually the product of many factors.
    24-HOUR RULE
    If you are concerned with a volleyball related issue that requires you to speak to one of the coaching staff, we ask that you wait at least 24 hours after the triggering event.  A lot more can get accomplished if people are calm when trying to figure something out. 
    For the coaching staff, delegating playing time is a situation where the coach knows that someone is going to get playing time while someone else is getting less.  Even though each decision is well-considered, there is the likelihood that someone will be disappointed.
    Strong teams have strong benches.  Players that stay into the game and cheer on their teammates have a greater chance that they will play well when they get on the court.  When players are spirited on the bench they almost always infect their teammates with optimism and extra energy.
    Lineup decisions are mostly the result of careful consideration of our team's chemistry and our opponent's strengths and weaknesses.  Playing time is earned by hard work, and proven performance.
    Parents please refrain from comparing your daughter's playing time to another teammates.
    All parents and players are expected to demonstrate the highest level of sportsmanship while representing Ram's Volleyball.  Please cheer for our team's efforts and successes. 
    While in the gymnasium, please keep all comments positive-remember, you are sitting among parents of the opponent and of our team.  You also never know who is in the stands (college coaches).  Please do not compare the skill or attitude of your daughter out lout with other members of our team.
    Please refrain from yelling at the referees-before, during and after the match-no matter what the perceived error or bad call.  Players must learn to deal with adversity and not waste emotion or energy or things they can not control.
    Take the time to learn more about volleyball rules and strategy.  What sometimes looks like a blown call or a bad coaching decision often looks much different if you have a more detailed appreciation for the somtimes-complicated sport.
    Please refrain from yelling at your daughter to get her attention during any part of a match.  Consider it a sign of trouble if a player looks into the stands repeatedly for parental approval or disapproval during a game.
    "There are four positions on an athletic field: spectator, referee, coach, and player.  You get to choose one and only one."-Bruce Bowen