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    Jessica Bass                       9th Grade Counselor, McKinney Veto and 504 Plans/MTSS
                                                     Ext. 325045   jessica.pate@robeson.k12.nc.us
    Topez Mitchell                      10th/11th Grade Counselor, Homebound, and PGC
                                                        Ext. 325041 topez.mitchell@robeson.k12.nc.us
    Tonya Lewis-Locklear        12th Grade Counselor, CCP, NCVPS, and PSRC Online
                                                      Ext. 325040  tonya.locklear2@robeson.k12.nc.us
    Michael Leyendecker                          College Adviser                mleyende@live.unc.edu
    LaRosa McDowell          Guidance Secretary---Transcript Request, Enrollment/Withdrawals, Etc.  
                                                Ext. 325045     larosa.mcdowell@robeson.k12.nc.us
    Ava Locklear                 Guidance Secretary/PowerSchool --- Scribbles Contact (Electronic Transcript), 
                                               Enrollments/Withdrawals,  CCP/Senior Contact, Etc.
                                               Ext. 325045  ava.locklear2@robeson.k12.nc.us

    For Your Information

    • Clearinghouse: 

    Seniors that plan to play a sport in college you must register online for the Clearinghouse. The website is www.eligibilitycenter.com  Also when registering for the SAT/ACT please list the code of 9999. This is required if you plan to play any college sport in Division I or II. If you have any questions see your counselor in Guidance.


    • Transcripts: 

             PSRC Scribbles-FHS


    • College Codes SAT/ACT:

    Students when you register to take the SAT/ACT please remember to list College Codes so your scores will be sent to the College you are applying to.

    SAT Website: 

    ACT Website: www.act.org 

    • Fee Waivers:

    Students interested in taking the SAT/ACT see your Counselor for information. Seniors and Juniors are eligible for two (2) fee waivers for the SAT Test, two (2) fee waivers for the SAT Subject Test and four (4) College application fee waivers. See your School Counselor for a fee waiver verification application in order to check your eligibility.


    • Free College Application Week...EXTENDED! 

    October 22-25, 2019 is the last day. Seniors see Mr. Mike Leyendecker in Guidance.



    • CACRAO: College Day will be September 25, 2019 1pm-2pm in the GYM.


    • Parent Nights:

    PENDING per grade level

    Parental Involvement is encouraged in order to obtain important information. 


    • Seniors: 

    For 2019-2020 North Carolina College Application Deadlines and Open House Information.  Please view the POSTERS next to guidance, the cafeteria,  and the GYM area.  Also, for a personal copy visit:



    • WHAT's NEW this YEAR?       College Brag Board: 

    Will be in front of guidance. Please bring in YOUR SELECTIVE SCHOOLS acceptance letters.


    • Scholarships: 

    Students obtaining a scholarship(s), please bring the information into Mrs. Tonya Lewis-Locklear, Senior Counselor.


    • More details will be forthcoming:

    Graduation Practice:

    May 28, 2020


    May 29, 2020