Native American Heritage Month Posters Due November 12

    Native Americans are the people who lived in America before people from other countries came here. Native Americans lived all over America, in all regions of the country. A region is an area of land. We are going to focus on the regions where Native Americans lived in what is now the United States.

    The regions are Eastern Woodland, Southeast, Great Plains, Southwest, California/Intermountain (Great Basin, Plateau), and the Northwest Coast. Many different tribes lived in each region.

    Living in different regions affected the lives of the people who lived there. The climate, physical surroundings, and natural resources all affected the way they lived. Do you think that the Native Americans who lived by an ocean lived the in same way as people who lived in the Plains? Would the Southwestern tribes have the same climate as the Eastern Woodlands tribes? Would they have the same resources? Wear the same things? Eat the same foods?

    Choose a region and then research the tribes that lived in that area. Share the information with the class on poster board.

    •  Poster idea from SCHOLASTIC

      Social Studies Content Standard 2.03 Compare similarities and differences among cultures in various communities.