• Supply List


    Mrs. Chadwick 

           #2 pencils

    1 highlighter

    Pair of student scissors

    Two composition notebooks (bound/wireless/marbled)

    2 big glue sticks

    Pencil pouch with zipper

    2 two-pocket plastic folders (w/o prongs)

    Crayons (16-24 count)

    Clipboard (needed for center work)

    1.5 inch binder (with clear cover on front!)
    1 pack of wide-ruled paper 
    Headphones/ear buds 
    Wish List

    Ziploc bags (zipper style...greatest need:  2/2.5 gallon)


    Pencils (reg. & mechanical) 

    Prizes/treats (candy, Dollar Tree items, etc…)

    Paper towels

    Copier paper (colored/white)

    Baby wipes

    Dry erase markers (small)

    Hand Sanitizer (Purell only)

    Clorox wipes 

     AA/AAA batteries