• English Lanugage Arts

    Grading Criteria

    SUMMATIVE* (final products-60%)

    ·   Formal Writing/Projects/Portfolio   30%

    ·   Tests                                          30%

    FORMATIVE* (work in progress-40%)

    ·   Classwork/Homework                20%

    ·   Quizzes/Informal Writing            20%

    *Summative work is work that shows a student’s final effort at the end of a unit. This may be represented by tests, research papers-final draft, projects submitted and presented, and other final efforts on a unit.

    *Formative work is work that starts at the beginning of a unit and any work done during the progression of a unit. This may include primary drafts of a research paper or editing of same, homework, text work, quizzes, or any classwork leading up to the Summative, or final assessment on a unit.