• Classroom Expectations


    Bring the following with you to class each day:


                writing tools (#2 pencil, dark blue or black pen)

                folder with current work

                headphones for computer

                Class Journal remains in classroom

    Classroom Procedures: (ALL school rules apply. Refer to student handbook.)

     Be IN YOUR SEAT when bell rings unless you are speaking with me or have permission to be up. Begin daily starter upon entering room.

     Be quiet during office announcements and news.

     Respect others and their property. This includes not talking when teacher is talking and not making negative comments about others.

      Gum should not be seen nor heard.


                sleeping or laying head on desk

                food or drinks

                grooming (fixing hair, putting on make-up, perfume, etc.)

                When a substitute teacher is present, rules still apply. Immediate referrals to office may be given for any

           classroom disruptions when substitute teacher is present.

                electronics – school policy applies. If I see it or hear it, I turn it in to office.


     YOU are responsible to find out what you missed if you are absent. You are given five days to make up work missed as soon as you return.

    If an assignment was given BEFORE you were out sick, i.e. long term project or  research paper, due dates still apply – don’t PROCRASTINATE!!!

    Speak to teacher about make-up work before or after class in private, not during class time.   

    Work cannot be made up for UNEXCUSED absences! Be sure to bring inyour doctor notes and parent notes!


                All work must be labeled in top right corner. Include first and last name, period, date, assignment.

                Work must be done in pencil, blue or black ink. Assignments done in other colors of ink or pencil will not be graded, unless specific directions for color are given.

                Write neatly and legibly. If I cannot read it, I will not grade it. Do not doodle on papers.

                Work is considered late if not turned in when the rest of the class turns it in.

                For an assignment to be considered “finished,” all questions must be answered – and they must be answered with complete sentences. I do not accept INCOMPLETE work. Finish your work prior to turning it in.

    Plagiarism will not be tolerated. It can result in an automatic zero on any assignment.