• The following Marketing Education courses are currently being offered as both Honors and Non-honors:  
    Fall:        Principles of Marketing (MM51) and  Entrepreneurship I (ME11) 
    Spring:   Marketing Management (MA52) and Entrepreneurship I (ME11) 
    Honors course are taught using some of the flipped classed strategies and Online methods (similar to distance education) through Schoology, AND CANVAS (two) top online classroom management systems.  Marketing Education honors is a highly rigorous, highly engaging course, with the intent to challenge the minds of the young Entrepreneur.  For more about Schoology and why I chose this management system click the following link and "Read more about Them."   http://www.schoology.com/learning-management-system.php
    Students are automatically enroled in PSRC CANVAS.
     To enroll in a Marketing Education Honors course click on the following:
    Within the first 5 days of class, the instructor must know your intent to enroll in the honors section of the course as to provide your desire to enroll to guidance counselors/registrar.   
     What is flipping the classroom?
    "It’s an “inverted” teaching structure in which instructional content is delivered outside class, and engagement with the content – skill development and practice, projects and the like – is done in class, under teacher guidance and in collaboration with peers.

    A flipped class swaps explanation and lecture, which are usually given in the classroom, with homework activities like math problem sets or writing practice activities. Homework becomes classwork and vice versa."

    from: December 8, 2011, 3:32 pm

    Five Ways to Flip Your Classroom With The New York Times