• Major responsibilities of Career Development Coordinators (CDCs) include these core activities:
    1. Coordinating the career development process.
    2. Providing leadership for promoting career awareness, exploration and planning.
    3. Introducing students to and assisting them with a career focus within a career pathway.
    4. Coordinating the alignment of middle school courses and high school courses of study for Career-Technical Education students.
    5. Providing educators with access to career development information, occupational information, and labor market information needed to assist students with educational and career plans.
    6. Involving students in experiences designed to enable them to make a smooth transition from one level of education to another and from school to work or further education and training.
    7. Promoting the advantages of Career-Technical Education among students, parents, and all segments of the community to facilitate the appropriate placement of Career-Technical Education concentrators.
    8. Promoting the use of current technology for career research.
    9. Serving as a liaison with the business, industry, education, and military community.
    10. Maintaining and publicizing career development resources.
    11. Assisting students with developing skills needed in the workplace; providing information to students, parents, educators and community members about career development.