• Library Science

    Course Objectives and Learning Strategies


    The student media assistant will demonstrate proficiency in the exploration of reading, listening, viewing sources and formats.



    Create graphic glossary of media terminology

    Participate in promotion of school-wide activities to encourage reading:

    Bulletin boards


    Book fair promotion

    Assist peers with locating and using resources  such as:

    Online catalog

    NC WiseOwl



    New technology


                        The student media assistant will RELATE and communicate ideas and information to life experiences.



    Assist in the creation and production of displays

    Select appropriate media formats for research tasks

    Create bibliographies using appropriate technology or print tools

     Collect information on relevant topics based on teacher’s request


    The student media assistant will EVALUATE information in a variety of resources and formats to demonstrate information literacy.



    Assist in the evaluation and recommendation of new materials for the media center

    Locate and compare reviews

    Compare and evaluate school media center web sites

    Assist in the evaluation of materials for weeding


    The student media assistant will RELATE and communicate ideas and information to life experiences relevant to the career of a media coordinator.



    Collect information on relevant topics based on teacher request. 

    Model and convey to other students the importance of adhering to copyright laws

    Perform general media tasks such as, but not limited to, circulation, cataloging, processing, weeding and housekeeping

    Exhibit professionalism and good etiquette at all times

    Sign an Internet Agreement form



    The student media assistant will USE research methods to meet information needs.(e.g. Big 6, scientific method



    Help students use electronic databases or print indexes to browse for possible research topics

    Use the Dewey Decimal system to direct students to relevant materials

    Help maintain the collection to provide access to all available materials and resources

    Shelve material, read shelves, and perform additional daily tasks

    Assist and maintain inventory

    Maintain vendor catalogs

    Maintain periodical display racks and archives/back issues


    The student media assistant will EMPLOY appropriate research methods to meet information needs.



    Understand and use the concept of Boolean logic and keywords as online search strategies

    Create bookmarks for Internet access, etc.

    Following oral and written instructions for using search strategies with various resources and be able to interpret them for others

    Demonstrate use of online works-cited resource


    The student media assistant will IDENTIFY examples of the social impact of technology as related to the media program.



    List media related jobs that utilize technology

    Create bulletin board/display of new technologies

    Create a presentation on new technologies, preparing a bibliography of resources used

    Identify and assist in the process of removing obsolete technology in the media center and or school


    The student media assistant will DEMONSTRATE an understanding of ethical behavior and online personal safety as it applies to technology.



    Create a pamphlet to explain the role of copyright, confidentiality, and/or privacy as they apply to technology

    Create a flyer with a set of rules for compliance with copyright, confidentiality, and privacy laws in the media center

    Assist other students in practicing online personal safety


    The student media assistant will SELECT & IMPLEMENT the appropriate technology to support the media program.



    Use word processing program to produce all required projects

    Create and edit a video presentation

    Create and import images into a Power Point presentation

    Create tutorial on  media assistant requirements and duties