• Your Original Mythmyth

    1.      Choose a topic – a natural phenomenon, i.e. tornado, hurricane, tsunami, flood, rain,clouds, lightening, rain, snow, hail, animals, birds flying, dogs barking, etc.

    2.      Think about and choose which gods/goddesses would best work with your myth and research them making sure they will be appropriate gods/goddesses to go with your topic.

    3.      Begin rough drafting your myth…

    4.      Your myth must be at least 2 pages typed, double spaced, 12 point, Times New Roman font with normal or narrow margins. The story must begin on the top line.

    5.      Every good story has a beginning (Introduction – a paragraph), middle (Body -2-3paragraphs), ending (conclusion – 1 paragraph).

    6.      Paragraphs must be complete! You may use dialogue - when there is a conversation between characters using quotation marks.

    7.      There must be some type of illustration that goes along with your original myth.

    8.      There must be a title page with the name of your myth, your name, class (1stBlock, 2nd Block, 3rd Block), plus a date.

    9.      The paper and powerpoint are due.

    10.  NO handwritten papers will be accepted. A hand drawn illustration will be accepted.


    1.      The powerpoint must be at 6 slides in length.

    2.      The powerpoint should be a summary of your paper.

    3.      Use clip art or images from powerpoint or the internet.

    (If you need help learning how to copy images PLEASE ASK!

    4.      The powerpoint will be presented in class.

    5.      If you have no flash drive please email me the powerpoint and we can pull it up using my mail for your presentation.
    If you need help - PLEASE ASK!!!! 

    Your paper needs to be written before you begin your powerpoint.

    If the deadline or due date needs to be moved – we can discuss, but only if you are using your class time WISELY!