• AR

    Students take the STAR Reading Diagnostic Test the second week of school. This provides the students with their reading grade equivalent and ZPD (Zone of Proximal Development) for the AR Program. The ZPD encourages students to check books out within their zone so that when they take the AR test, they should be successful with an 80% or higher. By doing so, the students grade equivalent should improve by the end of the year.
    Goal Setting:
    Using the Renaissance Place goal setting chart and their grade equivalent, students are able to determine their weekly point goals based on the AR program. Students are encouraged to meet their weekly AR goal so that they may earn prizes/rewards and also improve their grade equivalent. Those who meet their goals will receive reward(s) from their classroom teacher and/or the Media Center. 
    AR Celebrations:
    Students who meet their point goals for the grading period with at least an 80% or higher average AND have an average book level within their ZPD will participate in an AR Celebration at the end of each grading period.
    Students may take AR tests in the classroom or in the Media Center. Students were provided a folder and AR Quiz Log to document their quiz taking.