• The following courses are included in the North Carolina Standard Course of Study for K-12:
    Grade Recommendation  Required Course 
    Kindergarten  Citizenship and Responsibility
    First Grade  Culture and Diversity 
    Second Grade  Interdependence and Global Economics 
    Third Grade  Geography and Environmental Literacy 
    Fourth Grade  North Carolina History 
    Fifth Grade  United States History 
    Sixth Grade  Ancient World Through Exploration 
    Seventh Grade  Age of Exploration to the Present 
    Eighth Grade  North Carolina & the United States Parallel Study
    Ninth Grade  World History 
    Tenth Grade  Civics and Economics 
    Eleventh Grade  American History I  
    Twelfth Grade American History II  





    Turning Points in American History

    21st Century Geography



    American Humanities

    World Humanities

    African American Studies

    American Indian Studies

    Latino American Studies
    The Cold War
    Twentieth Century Civil Liberties & Civil Rights
    AP United States History
    AP Comparative Government