• Learning the skills and knowledge your child has as he/she enters school is very important to his/her education. Before your child entered this program, he/she was given a set of tasks to complete, and was asked various questions by a certified teacher. The areas covered were:

    Motor Performance Areas of: 

    Fine Motor Manipulation (using fingers, eyes, copying, cutting, etc.)
    Gross Motor Manipulation (skip, hop, pedal, etc.)

    Concepts Performance Areas of:

    Body Parts
    Counting (number identification, shapes, color sorting, etc.)

    Language Performance Areas of:

    Personal Information
    Naming objects
    Letters and sounds
    Problem Solving

    Other Performance Areas of:

    Social/Emotional development
    Self-help skills
    Speech, language, articulation development
    Personal habits and reactions

    Your child qualified for the Title I Early Childhood Program as a result of the assessment of the above skills. The information learned from the assessment will be used to develop a personal education plan for your child to ensure the fullest development of skills needed by the end of the school year. A parent conference/home visit will be held with you three times a year to share benchmark progress.