• Our curriculum is The Creative Curriculum.  Preschool builds a learning foundation for young children, helping them prepare for kindergarten.  We focus on helping young children develop social-emotional, physical, language, and cognitive skills. 
    Social-Emotional Development
    Children learn how to manage their own feelings, express emotions appropriately, interact with others, build positive, trusting relationships with adults and other children.
    Physical Development
    Children are increasing fine and gross motor skills.  A part of gross motor development is balancing, coordinating, catching objects, running, climbing, kicking, throwing, pulling, etc. Fine motor skills include writing, drawing, cutting, and manipulating small objects with the hands.
    Language Development
    Language development involves the means to communicate effectively.  Through language development children are capable of communicating their ideas, thoughts, needs, and feelings.  Also, language development involves sounds, grammar, and vocabulary.
    Cognitive Develpment
    Cognitive development is essential in helping young children remember and connect experiences, helps children have a positive approach to learning, influences the processing of information, memory, problem-solving, reading, mathematics, and language acquisition.
    Literacy development involves knowledge of the alphabet, reading, phonological awareness, print awareness, comprehension to books and other print materials, and writing skills.