• Daily Classroom Routines

    1.  Walk into the room quietly.

    2.  Go directly to your seat.

    3.  Quietly wait for the teacher’s directions. 


    Morning Routine

    1.  Walk in the room quietly.

    2.  Unpack your belongings.

    3.  Prepare your materials for the day.(Sharpen pencils and take anything out that you may need for math and science.)

    4.  Follow all directions given by the teacher.


    Handing in Homework

    1.  Hand in homework and all other items (signed forms, permission slips, etc.) to designated area according to the teacher’s directions.

    2.  If you have forgotten to complete your homework, still place it on your desk. You will complete it at another time during the day if free time is available, or at home to hand in the following day.  

    3.  Each time a student forgets to complete their homework, they will be able to hand it in the next day; however if they do not hand it in on their own, they will get a zero for that homework assignment.


    Morning Routine

    1.  Complete morning work assignment when youare finished unpacking all needed materials for the day.  If you have finished your morning work before the teacher has given further instructions:

    ·   Read,

    ·   Sharpen your pencils,

    ·   Organize your area,

    ·   Or do success maker




    1.  Please document homework in your daily planner as directed by the teacher daily.

    2.  You, the student, are responsible for recording and turning in homework daily. 

    3.  Homework will be written on the board in front of the room. 

    4.  There will be homework every day!  There may not be written homework though.

    5.  Find a quiet place at home to complete yourhomework.  This will help you focus and do your personal best!


    Pencil Sharpening

    1.  Make sure you have at least 2 pencils sharpened before the day begins at 8:00 am.

    2.  Keep your sharpened pencils in a safe place where you can easily get them and they will not fall off of your desk, be lost, or taken by someone else.

    3.  If you need another pencil throughout the class period (besides the 2 sharpened in the morning), take one of your unsharpened pencils and trade it in for one of Miss Kelly’s sharpened pencils.  These will be located next to Miss Kelly’s desk. 

    4.  When class is over, please return any pencils borrowed from Miss Kelly and take back any of your pencils you traded in. This will ensure that both students and Miss Kelly always have pencils available for use.


    Exiting the Classroom

    1.  Line up when you are asked to do so.

    2.  Walk to the line to line up.

    3.  Get behind the last person in line, unless you are the line leader or door holder.

    4.  When the entire line is quiet, everyone is facing forward, and everyone has their arms at their sides, we will exit the classroom and head to our destination!


    Walking in the Hallway

    1.  Keep a few feet between you and the person in front of you.

    2.  Walk (do not run).

    3.  Face forward and watch where you are going.

    4.  Keep your hands at your side (No touching the walls).

    5.  No talking.


    Asking a Question

    1.  If you have a response to a question, a question to ask, or a comment during a lesson, raise your hand to share it.

    2.  If it’s a question not related to our lesson,wait until “your” time. Please don’t ask it during “my” time if it is not related to what we are learning.

    3.  There will be time at the end of the lesson for questions or comments not related to the lesson.


    Behavior during Lessons

    1.  If the teacher is talking, you are not.  If another student is talking, you are not.  If you are talking, others are listening respectfully.

    2.  Focus on the speaker.

    3.  Think of comments or questioning you can ask during the lesson, especially if you do not understand what we are learning.  It is your responsibility to ask for help when you do not understand!

    4.  Participate!


    Brain Breaks

    1.  Brain breaks will be conducted about every 30 minutes during class time.

    2.  When Miss Kelly decides we need a ‘brain break’ she will choose a brain break for her cup of popsicle sticks.

    3.  Please wait for Miss Kelly before starting the brain break. There will be a variety of movements and activities that will last anywhere from 30 seconds to a minute. 



    1.  While going through the lunch line, you are quiet and waiting patience for your food. Make sure you get all the items of food you get the first time!

    2.  Eat your own food.  NO SHARING FOOD!!

    3.  Use an appropriate voice level.  If Miss Kelly or another adult has to ask you to lower your voice 2 times, you will have silent lunch for the remaining time.

    4.  If you need to get up from your seat at anytime during lunch, you must come ask Miss Kelly in order to go.

    5.  Let anyone sit next to you.

    6.  Be fair and considerate of others.

    7.  Clean up after yourself.  Leave no trash behind, and pick up trash others may have missed.



    1.  Be a good sport. We cannot win 100% of the time and that is OK!

    2.  Be supportive of your classmates.  Cheer them on!

    3.  Try your best, but have a positive attitude!

    4.  Follow the directions of the teachers at recess.



    1.  Be polite. If you need to ask someone to move, ask nicely.

    2.  Be respectful of the presenters.  Do not talk, listen actively and sit still.

    3.  Clap appropriately. (No stomping, please.)

    4.  Be a role model for other students.


    Classroom Jobs

    1.  Your job is important for the function of our classroom so it’s important that you do your job well.

    2.  Jobs change every week throughout the school year.

    3.  Take pride in the work that you do!

    4.  If you need help with your job, ask a classmate to help you.

    5.  There will be no whining about your job assignment!


    ClassroomLibrary Check Out

    1.  Quietly Enter and Exit the Library.

    2.  Choose the book you want.

    3.  Log the book out.

    4.  Treat each book with respect.

    5.  Be respectful of others in the library and the library staff.

    Tools vs. Toys

    1.  A tool is used to complete a job or task.  A toy is used for entertainment.  We use TOOLS in our classroom. 

    2.  Every tool has a purpose and is to be used as a tool, not as a toy.

    3.  Toys will be taken away from you until it can be used as a tool or appropriately.

    4.  Toys can be used during your time.


    SSR Time

    1.  Focus on your book and your book only.

    2.  Find a Reading Spot and immediately get toreading.

    3.  Do not talk or distract others.



    1.  In our classroom, there are numerous opportunities for rewards.

    2.  When a student does a great job at being safe, responsible, or respectful, they may be asked to put their name on a small piece of paper and put it in our classroom hornets nest and/or move their clip up a level on our classroom behavior chart.

    3.  There will be weekly drawings from the hornets nest for prizes and incentives.

    4.  Table tickets are also rewarded when every student at a table cluster is following directions. Table ticket rewards are given out weekly to the table with the most tickets on Friday.


    1.  If a student displays inappropriate behavior, the student will be warned. After a warning the student will lose a privilege (Silent lunch, walking at recess)

    2.  The students will be…

    ·        given a warning.

    ·        told to move their behavior clip down.

    ·        required to sit in the “Calm Down Chair” if their clip is on “Make Better Choices”.

    ·        expected to get a letter signed by their guardian if their clip is on “Contact Parent”. This may also consist of a phone call home.

    3.  Consequences may vary depending on thebehavior.