• General Music is the foundational beginning of all our music programs. Students in K-5 participate in general music studies learning through voice, instrumental, and movement based activities that prepare them for a lifelong love of music. 

    Carroll MS  -  Pauline Cheng

    Deep Branch ES - Sharon Klingenschmidt

    East Robeson Primary  - Candi Hester

    Fairgrove School  -  Diana Pauley

    Magnolia ES - Joe Knowlin, Ryan Gillespie

    Oxendine ES . - Elizabeth Locklear

    Parkton School  - Christine Tresente

    Pembroke ES - TBA

    Peterson ES  - Rick Dial

    Piney Grove ES  - Elizabeth Lytch

    Prospect ES  - Louisa Locklear

    Rex Rennert ES  - Jerry Efird

    Rosenwald ES . -  Diana Pauley

    Rowland Norment ES  - Nancy Beutler

    St. Pauls ES  - Jessica McKeithan

    Tanglewood ES . - Ralph Shoemaker

    Townsend School  - Tyler Harper

    Union Chapel ES  -  Lori Cole

    Union ES . - Elizabeth Locklear

    WH Knuckles ES -  Jean McCall