• Weekly Reading Logs

    Weekly Reading Logs

    Each day during the week, students are to complete reading logs given by teacher (unless stated otherwise by Mrs. Gardner-McBryde) for homework. They are to read for at least 20 minutes. Statistics show that reading at least 20 per day can increase vocabulary, fluency, and comprehension significantly. They may read anything; newspaper, magazine, library book, etc. They are to write a 5-sentence paragraph describing what they have read each night. After completion of reading log, students are to have parents SIGN each night as validation that their child has read. Reading strengthens comprehension, and increases vocabulary. It is highly recommended.
    Also, in some instances, students will also have homework, such as Vocabulary, if they did not complete the assignment in class. This will not be as often as Reading Logs, but they may have classroom assignments to complete for homework.

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