• Mrs. Gardner-McBryde's Class Syllabus

    St. Pauls Middle School                                                                       

    August 25, 2017

    Dear Parents,

              My name is Margaret Gardner, and I am your child’s 7th grade Language Arts Teacher.  I have been a resident of St. Pauls for 37 years and gained my education from all three St. Pauls Public Schools. I am a graduate of University of North Carolina at Pembroke, andam currently working towards my Masters in Reading Education.   Although I am now a fifth year teacher at St. Pauls Middle School, I have been in education with the Public School System for about 10 years.

      During the school year, I will be teaching your child lessons to empower them by helping them to understand how important it is for them to take their life and education seriously by making the best choices for their lives. We will be reading a lot about the world around us, and therefore you may be asked to periodically help your child with their homework by discussing things from your own past to help them with their future.  They will have weekly Reading logs to complete,  Articles of the Week to analyze,  essays and poems to be written, and projects to be completed.  Most importantly, I will motivate my students and we will use our extended thinking skills to understand the world around us.

                It is my pleasure to teach each and every one of my students, and it is an even greater pleasure to have wonderful parents such as you supporting such a great group of kids.  Thank you in advance for all of your help and support. Please feel free to call me during my planning period to discuss your child’s academics or set up a P/T conference anytime during the school year. Below, you will find the grading criteria for the 2013-2014 schools year.

    ·         Test/Projects                                       25%

    ·         Classwork/Participation                      50%

    ·         Homework                                           20%

    ·         Quizzes/Informal Writing(journal)       5%



     Margaret Gardner

    (910) 865-4070, (910)257-8992(cell)

    Planning Period: 1:30am-2:30pm   

    Parent Signature__________________________________Date________               

    A copy of this Parent Letter will be sent home with your child for you to sign.  It will then be placed in their required 3-ring binder.   
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  • Formative Assessment

    Periodically, students will be given tests to make sure they are increasing comprehension.  The day before each test, I will help students create a Study Guide that they can use to study for the following day's test.  Informal Tests are given often.

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